Cosmetic Dentistry And The Use Of Dental Veneers

Dental VeneersDental veneers are in some esteemed company when it comes to the kinds of devices that we use to repair teeth and restore smiles. As a product that started out in a very niche market, dental veneers have made a huge impact on the world of cosmetic dentistry with their ability to make a difference to smiles in a hurry. As the modern world has moved more towards a need for quicker and simpler solutions, while still demanding better teeth and a better smile, dental veneers truly have come into their own. They have proven to be a long-lasting solution that is as economical as it is effective. People like veneers for any number of reasons. The first of this is the people who believe that they should keep as much of their natural teeth as possible, making them uncomfortable when they have to lose a great deal or all of their enamel.

The reality is that whenever you do a restoration, of any sort, on your teeth, we are going to need to remove a portion of the enamel. How much enamel is removed really depends on the procedure that we are doing. With a dental implant, for example, we have to remove the entire tooth and also the root. This allows us to place the titanium dental implant and the new ceramic dental crown. When you are in need of a dental crown, which are used extensively for repair work, we have to shave away almost all of the enamel. We leave a small nub of your original tooth to which we can then attach the dental crown. This allows the crown to be properly placed so that it looks great and has no interference with the functionality of the tooth. When you compare this to the amount of enamel we need to remove with a dental veneers placement, it is obvious which method keeps more of your original tooth. Dental veneers only require that you remove a very small portion of the enamel, often less than a few millimeters. Doing this ensures that we can place the porcelain veneers flat along the rest of the tooth, and also provides the opportunity to remove any damaged or discolored enamel.

There are many advantages to using dental veneers which go above and beyond saving as much of your natural tooth as possible. One of the ones that tend to resonate with our patients is the time it takes to repair your teeth with dental veneers versus some of the other methods. Take mild malocclusion or crooked teeth for example. With dental veneers, they can be repaired on the second visit as long as it is not severe or extremely crooked teeth. The other alternative is to get an orthodontics treatment like braces or Invisalign® to repair your teeth and straighten them. This kind of treatment will typically take at least a year or more to properly align the teeth. In the fast pace of today's world, having the option of a treatment that is much quicker and just as efficient is very popular with patients.

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