A Closer Look at Dental Veneers


Dental veneers are an outstanding alternative for patients at Immanuel Dental Center who want to restore the aesthetics of their teeth, as well as their functionality. Patients living in Houston, TX who have teeth that are damaged, discolored, or decayed may want to consider dental veneers as a suitable way to replace damaged enamel. At our 77062 clinic, we place two different kinds of dental veneers, direct dental veneers and indirect dental veneers. When you call us at (281) 826-5264, we will make a suitable appointment based on the type of dental veneers you want to have placed. If you are unsure about what direct dental veneers are versus indirect dental veneers, here is a brief overview.

Indirect dental veneers are more common than direct dental veneers, and at Immanuel Dental Center, we offer both for residents of Houston, TX. Indirect dental veneers, which are also called porcelain veneers, are made outside our clinic by a laboratory. In order to get the right fit, color, and shape of dental veneers, Immanuel Dental Center will take exact measurements, impressions, and dental images to send to the laboratory. The laboratory will then fabricate the dental veneers, sending them back to us at the clinic, where Immanuel Dental Center will place them for you. Typically, placing indirect dental veneers takes two visits. If you have any questions between the visits, you are always free to call us at (281) 826-5264.

Direct dental veneers are placed the day of your appointment. They are made from a composite resin and placed directly on your teeth. This appointment can be long and labor-intensive, as we need to shave away portions of the enamel, typically more than we would need to when placing indirect dental veneers, and also place the veneers at the same time. Time, cost, and how long you want your veneers to last are all subjects you should discuss with us when you come in for your initial examination.

People all around Houston, TX, are choosing dental veneers, direct and indirect, as an alternative to dental crowns. There are several reasons why we might suggest dental veneers instead of dental crowns. First, dental crowns tend to be more expensive. This is because a dental crown covers the entire tooth like a cap, hence its alternative name, dental caps. Crowns do an excellent job of protecting the teeth; however, if there is not extensive damage, dental veneers are often a better alternative.

Dental veneers and dental crowns both require a portion of the enamel to be shaved away. At Immanuel Dental Center, this allows us to place the crown or veneer flush with the rest of the tooth and surrounding teeth so it looks and feels completely natural. In the case of a dental crown, significantly more natural enamel is shaved away, leaving only a nub of natural tooth to which we can attach the crown. Dental veneers only require a few millimeters of enamel to be removed, which some patients prefer.

If you have damaged teeth, badly discolored teeth, or teeth that are not as aesthetically pleasing as you would like them to be, dental veneers may be an excellent treatment option. You can learn more about these solutions and which one is right for you by calling (281) 826-5264 to schedule an appointment with our 77062 dental office. Call today to find out how dental veneers can help restore your smile.

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